Our goal is to connect your company with authors to help encourage and sustain an innovative, creative workplace.

We provide a connection to the most sought after and current thought-leaders, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring speakers through a bureau.


Subscribe to our Services

Subscribe to our Services

We have long-term relationships with all the major publishers worldwide. These publishers know we have a list of clients who will deliver smart, “pre- qualified” audiences. As such, we are the first people they come to when an author is coming out with a new book. We utilize these relationships to serve you: once engaged with you, we will add your desired author interest to our list of traits to “shop” for when talking to publishers.

This service provides a win-win for everyone. The author is already on tour (which the publisher pays for), the publisher gets to put their author in front of a great audience (which everyone loves), and the company and/or audience only have to pay a minimal consulting fee as opposed to an expensive fee they might otherwise pay to a speaker's bureau.

We bring in authors all the time that focus on everything from health to business to lifestyle. We can find authors to suit pretty much any genre you can imagine.

Who Uses Our Services?

Our clients range from large corporations to non-profit groups to media companies. Examples include:

  • Microsoft, where we host authors weekly on technology, science, business, and innovation as part of the Microsoft mission to keep “the new, new idea” in front of their employees
  • The Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, where we have created for their members a series of Author Breakfasts featuring speakers on marketing, leadership, trends, and workplace issues
  • CBS Corporation, where, as an employee perk, we bring authors on a regular basis who have written books on leadership, technology, and other key topics in to motivate and engage employees.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our fees come as a monthly subscription or on an event-by-event basis. The amounts are built around the number of events desired. In every case, it is far less expensive than using a lecture agency, where the cost of a speaker runs anywhere from $7,500-$100,000 for a single event.

Our fees cover the talent negotiation, the planning, and the execution of the events for a fraction of the cost.

To discuss corporate subscription rates and next steps, please contact us or call 206-632-2419.

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