Sweet Young Bryce Big Daddy Daves Favorite

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Sweet Young Bryce Big Daddy Daves Favorite

*** This story is entirely a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents portrayed in such work are either the product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, that you yourself have knowledge of is entirely coincidental. All comments as to this story are greatly appreciated.

I was born and raised in a small town in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York that was about thirty miles west of South Fallsburg. My grandparents raised me and my three younger brothers from the time I was boy as my parents had decided one day to go to the west coast and make a fresh start in life and without the day to day obligations of a family. There were occasional visits from my mother, father, or both over the years, but, frankly, they were so few and far between that I sometimes believed I might have dreamt them.

After college graduation, I relocated to another part of the country, namely a suburb of Charleston, South Carolina, to take a high-salaried position as a certified public accountant for a worldwide company that owned the local daily newspaper publication. Although I did my best to keep in touch with family remaining up north, over time I became estranged from most of my relations, with the exception of my brother, Richie, the youngest, as well as two first cousins from my dads side of the family, Laverne and Patty, both ten years my senior. Richie is now divorced, thirty-nine years of age, and deserves at least some credit for raising on his own his son, named Bryce, all the while barely making ends meet with his lousy /teacher/">teacher job.

I am presently in my early fifties, a husky-build man, with a tinge of gray at the temples, 63" in height, a nice light-bronze tan, brown eyes, and reddish-brown hair. I am moderately hairy all over, a burly man with a heart of cold affectionately called Big Daddy Dave by many of the locals here. I live in the kind of town where everyone pretty much knows each others crap, but, for the most part, makes it a point to respect one anothers privacy as much as possible or at least as much as what seems appropriate at the time. Widowed for close to three years, I have had a bit of time to adjust to life on my own; and I still live in the same home, a townhouse, where my beloved and I raised our three daughters, who live on their own in other parts of the good ole USA.

The long and the short of it is that, this past summer, Richie had a nervous breakdown; and I have since legally adopted Bryce, presently eighteen years of age and a bit on the quiet side. Bryce has sandy-blonde hair, sparkling-blue eyes, a few freckles, rosy cheeks, and is about six feet tall and with a slim frame and baby-soft skin all over porcelain in tone. He is smart and I can understand what he says perfectly. Yet, he does not say a whole lot, especially without prompting from me or another adult.

The following is what happened this past weekend:

Bryce and I had recently returned from a next-door-neighbors /party/birthday-party/">birthday party for his son; and, as Bryce, appeared to be wiped out, I tucked him into bed in his room; and went to my room to unwind. I, apparently, fell asleep while looking at a magazine and lying on my bed, a king-sized-bed. I must have been more tired than I realized, from helping out with things at the party. I was wearing nothing but loose plaid boxers, which is the most I normally wear when I have full privacy and just want to kick back. I was stretched out in the middle of the bed; and in what was, in hindsight, not a very deep sleep, probably because of the noise from the wind and the animals in full-swing clamoring outside in the yard, etc.

Bryce, I have since surmised, had quietly tiptoed into the room, and what follows now is his version of what happened, written in his words and from his perspective alone:

I could not sleep after Big Daddy Dave had put me to bed, I guess I was just a bit too excited still from all of the fun at Chris birthday party. So I decided that I would go ask Big Daddy Dave to read me another bed-time story. But when I knocked on the door, there was no reply. I quietly and slowly opened the door; and tiptoed into the room. At the time, I thought I just would hop onto Big Daddy Daves bed and try to fall asleep there. When I got into the bed, I saw that Big Daddy Dave was completely asleep still and softly breathing, his manly chest and nicely-defined pecs heaving up and down in-between the breaths.

Then, I noticed that he was tenting up in his boxers. I got on my knees between his legs; and thought that I would just take a peek at Big Daddy Daves cock. I wanted to see for myself if Big Daddy Daves cock was a great deal bigger than my own. I gently placed my hand into the slit of his boxers and pulled out through the same about three-fourths of Big Daddy Daves manhood.

I looked over the medium-sized mushroom head and gently curled my two middle fingers of my right hand around it, I saw that it was slightly purplish in color; and then I noticed that Big Daddy Daves cock was close to seven inches when fully hard and that it had a real nice moderately-sized thickness.

With my left hand, I cautiously slipped out of the same slip most of Big Daddy Daves balls: I was astounded by their sight: They were lightly hairy and were huge low-hangers, so big that I could not even fit one fully into my hand: So I just gently caressed them with my little palms, I just was curious as to how soft they were: As it turned out, they were really firm but had a pleasing softness to them and their manly hairiness reminded me of petting rabbits when I was much younger.

I was about to go back to my room when, suddenly, I noticed a tiny bit of clear liquid had seeped out from the slit of Big Daddy Daves /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock. I impulsively licked it off with the tip of my tongue: The liquid, I thought, was slightly tangy and had a mild sweetness to it. I wondered if there was any more that I could taste, if I could make any more of the liquid come out from the slit. I remember placing a bit of the tip of Big Daddy Daves head of his cock into my little mouth; and softly sucking on the same, taking care with my movements and my pace not to do anything motion-wise that alain lyle porn would awaken Big Daddy Dave from his slumber.

I was not sure if I was tasting more of the liquid, at that point, but I happily discovered then that I liked the taste of Big Daddy Daves cock and the feel of it in my mouth. I particularly enjoyed circling the neck of the head of the cock with my tongue as I sucked on the cock. I was within moments eagerly sucking on the entire head of Big Daddy Daves cock and fervently caressing his sac, alternating between attention paid to each of his balls. It was then that I felt Big Daddy Daves legs enclose a bit around my hips, but, as far as I could tell, he was doing so unconsciously and appeared to be soundly asleep still. I was bobbing my head up and down on Big Daddy Daves cock, gradually taking into my mouth about a quarter of an inch of the sames shaft with each bob. I was determined to get more of the tasty liquid out, at least enough out that I could be sure that I was tasting that and not just Big Daddy Daves manly cock.

I was a bit nervous; and my body, a bit sweaty in my pajamas, as I continued going pretty strong. There was a lot of heaving from Big Daddy Daves chest; and, as I was feeling his manhood enlarging slightly more in my mouth as I sucked, I noticed, at one point, an abrupt bucking of Big Daddy Daves hips, they lifted off the bed so suddenly that the loose waistband almost slipped fully down.

There was a lot of Big Daddy Daves man juices in my mouth; and I slowly and gently released the cock from my mouth, all the while fully savoring the pleasing taste of the liquid and doing my best to swallow all of it: I did not want Big Daddy Dave to discover any mess or risk getting into trouble for anything, so I took care to lick off the head and slit and clean the shaft with my tongue before placing Big Daddys Dave cock and low-hangers back into his boxers. I dont even remember clearly returning to my room, but I do remember that, when it was time for me to go down for breakfast, Big Daddy Dave found me fully asleep in my bed in the morn; and all was as usual for the remainder of that day.

In all honesty, when I was first approached about at least considering adopting young Bryce, who will be turning nineteen this coming November, I had reservations; and that may be the understatement of the year: I mean I like my tranquility and certainly appreciate the benefits of privacy, especially when in private. Nevertheless, kin is kin; and, in truth, I have always had a soft spot in that cold heart of mine for my kid brother Richie. Bryce, /sweet/">sweet, a bit fastidious but real sweet, looks almost like a clone of Richie when Richie was that same age.

As I have said, I grew up in this small town in upstate New York: The name of the same is Champagne Lakes Village; and it is just bordering Franklinville and pretty close to South Fallsburg. Growing up, my third-cousins Lonny and Drake and I messed around with one another quite a bit, but the three of us just thought of it as experimenting or just satisfying curiosity or hormonal urges: We never thought of anything we did with one another as being gay, but, of course, we never went around advertising what we did together either.

There were a handful of occasions when we engaged in mutual oral and did some other forms of penetration while skinny-dipping in a local lake in our early teens; and today those are pretty much the times together I can recall most clearly. All three of us were a bit shy and awkward, especially around female friends and classmates, back then; and we did not end up dating the local girls till we were high school seniors. Lonny and Drake are macho blue-collared guys today, devoted family men, who I doubt spend any time whatsoever dwelling on those occasions when we fooled around with one another a bit, actually, more than quite a bit.

Anyhow, in spite of this personal history of sorts on my part, I was nevertheless shocked when I awakened and saw that sweet young Bryce was in the middle of giving me what was one of the best, if not the best, blow jobs I have ever gotten in my life. I did not want to startle the tyke, so, of course, I was careful not to let on that I was awake; and, yes, I was very much enjoying the whole thing and did not want him to stop. Since that early-morn venture, I guess one can say that all of those reservations I had about Bryce being mine have disappeared: In fact, I have beome quite fond of Bryce and having him around all the time; and, in a way, he has changed my heart of cold to a heart of gold.

Two weeks went by; and all was pretty much as usual, until I got a call from Kyle, Chris dad and the neighbor, asking me if it was all right if Bryce slept over and spent the weekend with him and Chris while Kim, his wife, was out-of-town on some business trip. I thought that it seemed a bit out-of-the-blue, but, then, it occurred to me that just maybe Kyle, a local cub scout group leader, was interested in seeing whether Bryce was cub scout leader or assistant leader material. So, I said that it was all right, so long as it was okay with him that Chris stays with us sometime not too far off for a sleepover. Kyle replied: "Sure thing.", to that one.

I learned about what happened during this sleepover next-door when Bryce and I had a heart-to-heart a week later. Yet, to get the full flavor of what actually happened, I will let Kyle be the one to fill you in, as follows:

I had had a long day working at MacLaurens, the local grocery story right here in Sweetwater Creeksdale, covering a double-shift today as the assistant produce manager; and, frankly, I was in a foul mood. Kim and I had been having our share of problems of late: I feared that her going off on this impromptu "business trip" of hers was just her way of saying "Ive had it enough." to me. I hadnt been "getting any" the past two months from the misses, I was more than a bit pent-up shortly after I had gotten home.

Donna, the usual sitter, was in the backyard keeping an eye on Chris Bryce as Bryce and Chris scampered about in the midst of a frenetic game of tag. She left while I was reading the note left for me by Kim about her trip. I thought to myself: "Great, just great, now I will have to be the one to fix dinner." I grabbed the nearest bottle of Bud from the fridge, downed the same in three or four gulps, and was in moments in the bathroom taking a leak.

I had just relieved myself and was about to zip up when Bryce just suddenly barged into the bathroom, just ran right in, no knock on the door or anything. I am about 59", by the way, 185 pounds, and, as I work out regularly at the town gym, I am quite muscular overall. In my mid-thirties already, with red hair, fair skin, and green eyes and broad shoulders that came in handy during my football days in college, I am no movie star or anything but, certainly, I do consider myself fairly easy on the eyes.

Plus, I am really "packing it", have been endowed as heck since I was 18, a full eight inches when totally soft and more than moderate thickness. I do not even remember what Bryce said, I think he had mumbled something about Chris or about him having to pee really /bad/">bad. I was a little bit taken aback by the intrusion.

I was about to say something in reaction, but, as I had turned towards the door, still fully unzipped and exposed, I saw that Bryce was just staring, staring as if fixated, at my cock; and he was sensuously licking his lips as he did so. I looked at his sparkling eyes; and when I peered down, I saw that I was getting halfway hard. Bryce, in moments, became a bit flustered and ran out after mumbling that he was sorry and should have knocked.

Of course, I was onto Bryce by that point. So, when I popped into the den and casually suggested to Chris that maybe Bryce might want to stay with us for the weekend and Chris enthusiastically responded "Yeah!" to that idea, I was truly thrilled. I said nothing to either, but discreetly gave Bryce a wink.: Bryce turned a crimson red, but, thankfully, Chris for whatever reason did not seem to notice a thing.

The weekend was going pretty well and, at the time, seemed to be going pretty fast: The three of us did the usual, swimming in the pool together, table tennis in the basement, barbecuing for dinner, ordering pizza in for lunch and snacks; and I made it a point to allow Chris and Bryce to have as much private time together during the two-and-a-half days, so long as I of course was within earshot. It was late Saturday night when I made my move: I tiptoed into Chris room and found the two of them fast asleep, as expected, in Chris bunk bed; and with Bryce snoozing away in the lower bunk.

I softly tapped Bryce on the shoulder enough to awaken him; and led him out of the room by the hand. Once we were not within earshot of Chris, I whispered to him that the two of us were going for a late-night swim. I related that it was a cub scout leader recruit tradition for new potential recruits to show that they were not afraid to be in the water at nighttime. We went in the shallow end of the pool and swam together for about half an hour. It was just shortly after midnight by the time we got out of the pool.

I explained to Bryce that we had to wash the chlorine off before going back to bed; and that I was not going to risk getting into any trouble with Big Daddy Dave by allowing him to get a rash from not washing the chlorine off right away. I said to him that we would be showering together in order to save as to the water bill. I remember that Bryce was really quiet; and simply nodded in agreement as to the latter. Once in the bathroom, I helped Bryce out of his swimsuit; and I watched Bryce stare at me mesmerizingly as I pulled down my swim trunks.

I adjusted the shower for us, so that it would be comfortable and not too cold, and the two of us got in and in moments were washing ourselves with small bars of soap under a light invigorating spray, facing one another.
There was something very angelic about Bryce: He had the innocent quality about him; and he was really gorgeous, with the milkiest and silkiest skin I have ever seen on any teenaged boy; and certainly not on any of the boys in my scout troop. At that time, however, I made the conscious decision to believe that I was now fully aroused from contact with the invigorating warm shower water.

I slowly turned off the water and then firmly held Bryce in place by the shoulders as he gazed up at me. I gave him a wink, that same knowing wink, then nodded in approval, and smiled comfortingly at him. Well, Bryce, as expected, knew what I meant exactly; and did not need any further prompting. He took the head of my cock into his mouth and sucked on it softly and with the finesse of an experienced pro.

"Oh, yeah, thats it, show your friend, Kyle, here, just what you enjoy doin", I said, as I lowered my hands behind him, repositioning the same so that the palms of my hands were both resting casual on his baby-soft buns. I gently thrusted about half of my cock into sweet Bryces mouth; and I gently caressed his plush mounds with my palms and fingertips as I watched his head bob up and down the full length of my shaft.

My chest with its treasure trail of hair extending from my manly pecs down to my bushy pubes was glistening and wet; and I sort of felt like I was in a dreamlike haze and having an experience like one of those hot /male/male-porn/male-porn-stars/">male porn stars. I felt myself getting closer and closer; and, as I arched my back, I pulled out three-quarters way from the warm cavern of Bryces mouth. I held Bryces head firmly in place, gasped indian santali xvideo "Im cummmmmmmmmminnn!", and let out one of the most high-pitched moans I have ever heard come from my lips.

Bryce was absolutely amazing: He was swallowing gushes and gushes of the biggest load of cum I may have ever released; and he was tenderly caressing my balls in between. I was in /ecstasy/">ecstasy, I really loved the way that Bryce made me feel like a really manly masculine man. I wondered if Big Daddy Dave was aware as of yet of his nephew and adopted sons virtues. I managed to get Bryce safely back to bed well-before Chris woke up; and I could not help but fantasize while lying down in the /master/">master bedroom about there being other times spent with this hot teenager yet to come.

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