Farm Boy Buddy Experience a Real Story

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Farm Boy Buddy Experience a Real Story

I grow up in the country on a small family farm. The closest neighborhood kids were about a mile away through the woods. There was this one boy that I became friends with he was 14 and I was 16, his /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad both worked and he was left home with his two older brothers often. His brothers were wild and never stayed home they used to wander all over town, he was left to defend for himself. I guess I was wild also. Anyhow one day at the beginning of the spring vacation from school I was hanging out at the pond between his house and my farm. The water was high and the edge was muddy so I had to walk high on the edge in the deep brush and woods. I could here in the distance limps breaking, splashing in the water, and pounding sounds. I came stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv to a sunny clearing where I could see a young boy in the distance he was tall and lanky, pounding a stick on a rock.

From the distance he looked dirty from mud, pond water, and playing in the woods. When I got closer I could see his /feet/">feet were soaked and his jeans were wet up above the knees, mud spots on his face and his t-shirt looked like he had slept in it for days. I thought; this kid is younger than me so I?ll give him shit, I started yelling at him for making noise, breaking sticks, splashing and being wet. In a split second he immediately dropped the stick and looked at me with a big smile. He came charging toward me like a bull. He grabbed me around the shoulders; he was laughing and grunting as he forced me to wrestle with him to the wet ground. We rolled around using all of our strength. I had to struggle to keep this young lanky firm boy from over powering me. After a few minutes some how I was able to get him on his back even though he was thrashing around. I forced myself onto his chest to pin his strong arms and shoulders down as he was still laughing.  He rested for just a moment; I was trying to catch my breath and my wits of what had just happened.

All of sudden he started flailing his head around and biting at my crotch, like a frisky horse trying to get at a /sweet/">sweet apple.  He was trying to make it look as if he wanted to get away but not really. I finally spoke and looked him straight in the eyes. I said if you bite at my crotch again I?d give you something to eat. The tone in my voice must have been firm because he stopped struggling but kept a wide-open smile. His big brown eyes with black brows stared up at me, while his mouth was open gasping for air I could see his white teeth, I thought to myself how the hell can this little kids body be so strong and how could he have such a sweet dark shadow on his top lip, he?s only 14 years old. I could feel myself rise and fall on his chest as he finally calmed down. Within a minute or so he said would you like to smoke a joint. Sure I said, I let him up and now I was wet and muddy. We walk into the wood so we couldn?t be seen if anyone was to come around the pond. We sat in the sun on a log as we smoked, we talk about white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie school, his brothers, how long he had been smoking, and complained about how wet we were. Know that we were high we just wandered around the woods towards my farm playing and talking.

I think I have found a friend I thought.

We were both thirsty when we arrived at my house, he stayed at the edge of the woods were he couldn?t be seen I?m not quit sure why, maybe because he was still high.  I snuck into the kitchen and got four cans of my father?s beer. When I returned with the beer he had his dirty t-shirt, wet socks, and sneakers off and was lying on his back in a soft bed of needles under a hidden hemlock tree.

He said it?s about time and grabbed a beer.

This was quit a kid he must have some kind of home life I thought. As we each drank the first beer he said.  He told me that he took his shoes and socks off so they could dry in the sun I had no clue why he took his shirt off. I notice his feet were long, firm, and bony, even his chest was kind of wide but skinny. I couldn?t imagine how the fuck this little kid could have such black thick pubic hair in his arm pits, and how could he have a black trail of hair that went from his belly button down to the top of his jeans at the age of 14. By the time we finished the first beer I said would you like to smoke another joint, without any hesitation he said yes. I pulled one out and handed it to him to light. As he lit the joint he said you should get those wet shoes and socks off. I took his advice and put them in the sun next to his. Now we were higher than we had been all day. We sat there in the woods in a vegetation state talking about music, not having friends, all the trouble his brothers get into and how his mother had to go out of town for next three days for her work and his /dad/">dad working double shifts from eleven at night to three in the afternoon.  The next thing he said was have you ever seen another boys tool?

I was shocked at his question, what I said. You know cock, tool? Have you ever seen another boys? Yaaa? In the locker room I answered. Have you ever stroked yours and how big is yours he asked? Ahh I?ve stroked it, I don?t know how big it is. Would you show it to me he asked, before I could answer he said I?ll show you mine if you show me yours. Sure I replied. He immediately unzipped his jean and pulled his long soft limp piece of meat out though the opening it must have been at least four inches long. Let me see yours know he said as he moved his wet legs closer toward me.  Shyly I pulling it though the zipper hole however I was semi hard. He said can you make it hard? Ya. I unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down around my ankles, laid back on the pine needle bed and now my feet were rubbing against his feet and wet paints legs I started stroking it until it became hard.

 I looked over at him and he was still soft I stopped stroking, reached over unsnapped his jeans as he pulled them down I put my hand around his big soft hairy 18 year boy meat, as soon as I grasped it, it became as hard as a rock.  We laid there stroking each other, playing with each others tender heads and pea holes, we rolled around enough to let each others /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis touch each other tenderly. We played with each other?s soft /boy/hairy-boy/">hairy boy sacks and stroked at the same time in sweet young rhythm until we each blow hot boy loads on each other?s bellies.

That evening he called me and said he was left home alone and asks if I would like to hangout at his house?Look for "Teenagers Home Alone On Friday" a real story on this site.