Twinz Part II

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Twinz Part II

I woke up after a great fuck from Tracy only to find that she was gone, thinking to myself, hey at least you got to fuck one of them and thought nothing else of it. I got up took a nice hot shower when I heard the phone ringing.

"Hello", I said.

"Yes, can I speak to James", came the voice over the phone.

"This is him, who is it", I said. "James this is Stacy",she responded.

"Oh, hey how's it going I thought you guys wasn't going to call me", I said with a smile.

"I would have called sooner but Tracy would probably kill me if she found out I called you seeing how she used to like you." Stacy said.

Having already milf porn videos found that out I figured I would see where this conversation would go. "Oh really why didn't you never tell me then", I replied.

"I guess because I wanted you also and I knew we couldn't share you either, thats why we both said we wouldn't call either but seeing how we just ran into you I thought now is my time to have you." Stacy admitted.

"So when do you want me." I asked her, trying to really push her to see how bad she wanted me.

"How about your place later this afternoon when I get off work." she replied.

After I gave her my address I hung the phone up and finished my shower and got ready for her to come over and maybe I could have a unbelievable night with a girl who looked the same as the other but was totally different. As the day went on I received another phone call.

"Hi James you know who this is." came the voice.

"Is it the woman who fucked my brains out last night and left me all alone this morning." I said jokingly.

"It sure is, I was wondering when the next time I can come back for another taste of you" Tracy responded.

"How about tomorrow night around seven." I said.

"That's perfect I'll be well rested and ready for you this time." she said.

As she hung up I thought, oh boy I am so lucky I'm fucking to sisters and not to mention they are /twins/">twins!! The day went on as usually for me on a weekend,cleaning the house, smoking weed, and watching sports all day long. Around four o'clock door bell rang just as I was finishing another shower so I answered the door in nothing but a towel. When I opened the door Stacy jumped right on me lips first, as we locked our bodies and kissed she was taking her clothes off with amazing speed. 

"I hope you're ready for the best piece of pussy you'll ever have in your life." she said.

I let my towel fall on the floor as she said that which brought a gasp from Stacy as she got the first look at my fully erect dick. 

"I hope you're ready for the biggest dick that you will ever have." I told her with a grin on my face.

As if shocked stiff by my stiff dick Stacy couldn't move, so I grabbed and threw her on the couch and started to lick and suck her already /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. As my tongue darted in and out of her hot hole she was moaning and bucking like crazy and I knew she was close to cumming.


As her orgasm hit her legs where like a vise grip around my head squeezing me to death. I kept licking and sucking as her cum gushed into my mouth, I just swallowed it and kept attacking her clit making her whole body shake and buck. I got up slowly and stood in front of her with my dick swinging from side to side, I watched as her eyes went back and forth with it and told her to suck my dick real good. 

She did just that as blowjob porn videos she lunged forward and wrapped her hand and mouth around the first four inches of my dick in one quick motion. A low moan came from my mouth as she began sucking and pumping my dick with amazing speed almost making me cum, but I held back, something I learned from one of my previous girlfriends.

"OOOHHH yeah that's it suck my cock good GOD you such a /dick/good-dick/">good dick sucker." I moaned.

I think that must have motivated her because then she really started sucking my dick as she forced another four inches down her throat, I could feel the back of her throat as she held it there moving her head back and forth very slightly. I thought, God damn this bitch is really good she has to be the first woman to ever deep throat my dick. She pulled my dick out all the way only to shove the whole nine inches down her throat again and that was just too much for me as I came pumping my cum straight into her stomach.