Student Exchange

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Student Exchange

We had last year two students rather than the normal one a girl from Spain and a boy from Portugal.

We had collected and were given the rotation for each day of the stay. Both students were 19 years old and good looking. On the Friday of the first week I came home early and my wife was already there. As I entered I heard noises from the bedrooms and then saw Sophia sat on stairs looking into our bedroom at same time I heard my wife moaning and knew she was fucking someone. I was then spotted by Sophia who came down and said she was sorry but things had caught her eye.

I told her not to worry and said be quite as we moved back to her position we had a view into the room and from the large mirror on the wall could see Alex stood in front of my naked wife and with a dido making her squirt at him every few strokes. He then stopped and I was amazed at the size of cock for 19 years old. He then placed it into her pussy and worked up a rhythm. At that porn videos download moment Sophia placed her hand on my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick and gave it a stoke, my hand went into her knickers and she was soaking wet also. I took her back to her room and she said please fuck me I am desperate in good /english/">english. She showed me a letter from her mother stating she was on the pill and had permission to fuck.

It did not take me long to enter her and give her xxx a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck shooting my cum inside her. When we went downstairs we found Alex and Joan sat watching a porn movie, my wife said she had heard us and clearly both the students had enjoyed the afternoon lesson. Sophia thanked my wife and hoped they could stay she was told yes but for the next four weeks she would either sleep with me or Alex. We fucked every night from there on with both proving to us that they were not beginners in the fucking department..