Digital Camera1

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Digital Camera1

Please feel free to send me a comment on the story. For those of you who have emailed me thanks for sharing your kind words. I have enjoyed reading the emails about the stories and ideas on what should happen with some of the characters. Thanks for the kind emails. Its nice to know that people enjoy reading them. Since they take a long time to write. If you find an error, I highly encourage telling me (as I have few mistakes!). I am trying to fix my grammar and tense mistakes. 

Enjoy, and let me know what you think (good or /bad/">bad)! Love to talk with other people and learn what turns you on!


I?ve always been a computer nut. It started with my first Atari computer when I was in grade school. Every four years or so I would go out and purchase the latest and greatest computer. A few months back I started checking out the sales papers to see what computers were going for and what accessories they came with. 

My wife noticed me checking out the computers. In one week we?re going on a cruise and she wanted a camera to capture memories of our vacation. This made my life easier. By having her buy-in allowed me to purchase a camera and not have to worry about her nagging about my spending. I went online and purchase the camera that I wanted. Also, I wanted to be safe so I purchased a few extra memory cards. 

The cruise was fun and relaxing. There sexxxx video ful hd wasn?t too much to talk about, except that a seed was planted. She finally felt comfortable enough for me to take pictures of her in a bikini. That was a major accomplishment since most /women/">women do not feel comfortable with their bodies. The kicker was at night when she enjoyed having me take some pictures in our room. I have to say, that it was, she played dress up and I ate her up with the camera.

One thing that I learned on the cruise was how impossible it is to take action pictures of us. We need a cameraperson. It took Sandra about a week before her curiosity took over. She asked me when I was going to take more pictures of her. That was when I asked Sandra who was going to take the pictures? She wanted to know what I was talking about. I told her that I wanted some hot action pictures of us together. Her eyes glowed and I knew she was into it. Now we had to find someone to take them for us that Sandra would feel comfortable with. The first part was having her feel comfortable the second part was having her being confident for the camera.

With some nervous reservation I asked her, if she would allow one of our friends to take some pictures. She started to think about it. I wanted a friend that I knew she found attractive. 

I asked, ?how about Bill?? She was open to the idea. Her and Bill have flirted over the years and I think having Bill seeing her nude, actually excited her. I know that this little naughty thought excited me.

Both of us were comfortable with the idea. That night the sex was hot and filled with passion. She ripped off my clothes and acted like the slut I always wanted her to be. Afterwards, we talked about the photo shoot. Sandra felt comfortable with Bill and wanted me to set it up. Not wanting to have her second guess her decision, I called Bill. 

Bill answered and we started to chat small talked for a few minutes while I worked up the nerve. Then I just blurted it out, ?Bill, Sandra and I would like you to come over tomorrow and take some pictures of us.? Bill has been an amateur photographer for years. I knew that Bill was all for this, as I?m sure he was dying to see Sandra nude. 

The next day just dragged on. I think that we both were very excited. Not knowing where this adventure would lead us. Oh how arousing the idea was. Finally time drew closer. Sandra has been in her closet for the past hour trying on different things. 

In ten minutes my friend should be here. The plan is for him to take pictures of us. To be honest, I?m all ready hard just thinking about tonight. How kinky and erotic this could be for us. For tonight, my friend will see /wife/nude-wife/my-wife-nude/">my wife nude. Thinking of him watching my wife make love to me was keeping me very aroused. 

Sandra finally walked into the family room. She was wearing this sexy short little sundress. In her hand she had some terry cloth shorts and a t-shirt. Sandra looked sexy and I told her, walk with her to the bedroom and gave her a quick kiss and hug. She turned to me and then darted back to the bedroom. When she returned she was wearing black hose and heels. Hum, I wonder if she is wearing stockings.

?All those girls in the magazines wear stockings, and so should I!? 

The door rang, must be Bill. Bill was on time, just like usual. I heard my wife say that she would get the door. As I hear her greet him, it hits me that tonight our relationship will change. My stomach did a loop as I started to think how I was both nervous and extremely excited.

I joined them in the family room with three beers in hand. The beer was to help take the edge off, not to get her drunk. Getting her dunk, she might not do too much. I didn?t want her to regret anything that we do. 

?So, are you ready??

Sandra perked up, ?I think so.?

Bill turned toward me and had Sandra sit on my lap. Her dress rode up a little showing off the top of her stockings. We never told Bill what kind of pictures we wanted. Seeing the tops of her stockings, he must xxx sex video download free com have gotten a clue as to type of pictures we were referring to.

?I brought over three memory cards.? Bill proudly says. ?I didn?t want to miss anything!? 

?Sandra, why don?t you kiss Ken for me.?

Sandra turned and gave me a quick kiss. She then moved to straddle me. Her dress rides high up her body. Bill snapped away as we started to kiss with more passion. My hands moved from her stocking up to her bare flesh. She lifted up as I pulled her skirt up revealing her thong. Sandra?s tongue entered my mouth; I could tell her excitement was building. 

Bill starts to take pictures; the clicking of the camera starts to awaken the ham in Sandra. She plays to the camera, and I can tell she is thinking about all those models. How glamorous it would be to be like Cindy Crawford. Her smile radiates as she poses for the camera. 

I turned towards Bill, ?Great, I don?t want to miss any sexy shots!?

?Well, forget about being modest.? Sandra teasingly pulled her dress over her head. Sandra did a little strip tease with the straps. She must have been a little nervous as the dress came off in one quick swoop. Proudly she walked letting Bill she her body for the /first-time/">first time. The exhibitionist in her took over completely. Proudly she showed off letting us see her body.