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Note : This story is completely fictional and joke only!

This story takes place in the lost continent of Atlantis. The king of the nation is in the back pockets of a group of futuristic mobster/bikers. Anyone who speaks against injustices or crimes committed by this group is arrested and thrown into prison. This is where the story starts. But first, let me describe the main character in this story. Perennius is about 6'1", just over 28 years old, with a buzzcut, /blonde/dirty-blonde/">dirty blonde hair, and eyes that sparkle on his rugged, youthful yet handsome face.

Perennius had been arrested about 3 or 4 months ago. Many of the prisoners didn't like him already. The guards and the warden would often pit the prisoners against one another in fights to the death. Perennius was their /model/">model prisoner since arriving. He would fight without even a hint of remorse, killing often. He had been used to a hard life in his earlier days of youth back in the unruly town of his birth. He joked around with the guards and he talked more with the guards than other prisoners. He would talk about /women/">women, current events and other things like bragging that he was a ladies man because he had mastered /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex to a tee (with women). He had gained their respect in the pit against the other prisoner's. He had one friend among the prisoners in the entire prison. This was his cellmate, Heracles. His mother had named him after the legendary mythological hero (Hercules). He and Perennius would talk for endless hours about all sorts of things. Heracles was the only one here that knew the actual reason Perennius was full hd xvideo download arrested. The mob had killed his brother and he had good word that the only person that knew which man had did the deed was in this prison. No visitors were allowed in this prison, so the only way to investigate was to leap into the fire, so to speak. One night Perennius and Heracles were talking when Heracles let it be known that his brother had been killed also. He highly suspected that that same group did it. Perennius had found out from Heracles during that same conversation the name of the man who had murdered his brother. Apparently, he witnessed it, but instead of being shot, he was arrested immediately by some police.

Perennius was such a good obedient prisoner that not one of the guards or the warden suspected him of anything. One night, they decided to test his loyalty. He had just showered when they had given him the keys to his cell and told him to unlock the cell. He rubbed it on his shirt as if to wipe some dirt from it and did as told. They then told him that they might consider giving him certain privileges if he could prove his loyalty. He had discussed what he would do if this situation arose when he spoke with Heracles earlier. Heracles told him to go ahead and kill him. He was old and had nothing left to live for any more. He made Perennius promise to look after his /daughter/">daughter when he got out. He killed his only friend in the entire place that night. Things were hard and he was doing what he had to do. He didn't like killing innocent people but this was a harsh environment and he needed that edge. He took his shirt off that night and put it underneath his pillow. There had been a reason he had rubbed it on his shirt. His brother had been a cop, one of the few good ones left. His brother had taught him how to take the copper batteries out of the pulse monitors all prisoners wore and if you placed the copper inside the shirt and then placed the shirt inside the food modulator ( a futuristic device that creates food from thin air), it would melt into the shape of the last bit of metal that had touched it. The modulators had to be configured at just the right frequency for this to work. Fortunately, he had been working on this early in the mornings for a week, before first call every day.

He waited until everyone had gone to sleep and made his key. As he opened the cell door, he looked around to see that no guards were making a /surprise/">surprise cell check. He had gotten to know the prison well enough to figure out an escape route. Being warden's pet had its advantages. He had made it into the abandoned older area of the prison where he had planned on leaving through an old blocked off route that the slaves had used in the old Rebellion of Ithicles. He then heard guards screaming and realized that the guards must have seen through the makeshift dummy he had left in his cell. He decided to run. He was about there. Just beyond this door a yard in front of him. The yelling and commotion had stopped all of a sudden. This was free porn movies download odd, he thought. He then tripped, as he was right about to enter the door. As he was on all fours, he felt the slap of a large warm cock smack him across the face. He looked up to see the warden smiling at him. "What's this? Leaving so soon. If I didn't know better, I would think that you didn't like it here". If you know what's good for you, you better open your mouth." "Wait...I" he said. Before any other sound could escape from his mouth, he felt the warden's /cock/large-cock/large-thick-cock/">large thick cock slide past his lips and linger in his mouth for a second. "Do a good job and I might consider setting you free. If not, you will not like your punishment.I guarantee it." The warden was about 6'3", black shortcut flattop, ripped like a machine, with chiseled, extremely attractive facial features. He was wearing black leather pants, and a leather strap over one shoulder, hanging diagonally down his chest. His cock was poking out of a hole in his leather pants.

Perennius started to suck on the warden's cock, thinking 'I have a B plan, all I need is to survive'. So he does what he's told. The warden, as smooth and handsomely /cute/">cute as he is, is not one for soft play. He grabs Perennius' head from the back as he lowers his hips and starts pounding his face like it's his ass with no concern for his being. He gags, as the cock tearing away at his throat keeps going harder. He gets a breath as he backs up a bit. The warden follows when he crawls a little and keeps jacking his face, with the entire floor drenched in his spit. He takes out for a minute. "So, you like oral sex, do ya?". He smacked him with his cock again. The warden was being sarcastic, referring to his earlier comments to guards. "Well, let's see how well you like sex." Perennius expected this, but thought 'I will kill him and have my revenge'. The warden told him to get back onto his knees. Perennius then felt the warden come up to his backside and start rubbing his hands over his ass as if admiring a sports car or something. He then felt a /large/large-cocks/very-large-cock/">very large cock force it's way into his ass and he cringed. He was using no lube and it barely went in. Perennius cried out in pain. "Aaa!" The warden showed no signs of stopping. He pounded hard as hell as Perennius' ass bled. The warden was grabbing at Perennius' hair as he kept stuffing his plump excited manhood into Perennius' cute, /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass at an extremely rapid speed. Perennius then falls off his hands from the force of warden's final thrust and blow which he could feel flooding his bowels deep and actually easing the pain a little. "Get up, slave". "Permission to speak, sir" Perennius says. The warden laughs. "Speak up, already". "What will my punishment be, sir?". "You know, you really didn't seem that enthused." With that, the warden shoots him straight in the middle of the skull. "*sigh*,I told him to do a good job. Hahaha. Ahhh, oh well."

The moral to this story: Just shut up and do as you're told slave. Bwahahahahahaha!...HA HA..Ha...Hewww.....(Just did this one for shits and giggles and to add a little humor)