The new girlfriend

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The new girlfriend

Hey, my names mark. After chatting to a girl on the internet for several months, I got to know her name, where she lived and what she wanted from a boy... I just never realized the darker side to her. Katie who lived only 20 miles away from me was a beautiful, slim, busty, /brunette/">brunette. who was only 18.

She described herself as fun, sexy and allways up for a good time. perfect, I thought. We met up for the /first-time/">first time in our closest city for coffee. We spoke about college, music, intrests and even a little one sex. She seemed perfect! and not wwwxxx only that but she told how her parents had gone for the week and if I wanted to I could go stay over. Brillant I thought, she wants me! We went back to mine so I could pack then headed back into the city. She began to relax alot more, and I really noticed her sexy side comming out. We made out passionalty in a few streets and she began to touch me more and more, god I was so lucky. after a quick train rider and a walk, we were at her house.

It was big, quite and modest. we walked up her stairs to her room. Pink curtains, pink bed sheet, a big mirror and wardrobe. a typicals girl room with that girly scent. after being there for a couple of hours, she went for a shower. god! I was so horny at this point, we had made out lots. but I wanted more! whilst she showerd, I sneaked around her room looking for anything. It allways turned me on when a girl had toys in their room. and this was certainly no exception, but I dont think I had realised what I would find this time. I slid open her drawer that was under her bed and there they were. vibrators, dildos, love eggs, anal beads.

There was lots of /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys, from pink rabbit vibrators that waved up and down to realistic soft dildos, veiny and thick. all positioned so perfectly. But not only that but the /toys/anal-toys/">anal toys, anal allways turned me on so much, I had never done it to myself though, I was a boy! we dont do stuff like that. there was a small handbag just full of anal beads and butt plugs. I was so turned on, I imagined her going to college or shopping with the pink vibrating butt plug that lay right infront of me. However due to my amazment, I didnt notice the angry looking 18 year old girl in the door way. "What do you think your doing!?" she demanded.

I thought it was all over for me. "oh god, im sorry sorry. I was just curious"...the next few hours were going to be a complete shock to me..."curious she said, about what?" the girl asked as she walked in the room with her long brown her against her shoulders and a pink towel wrapped tightly around her body. "umm.. im sorry, please dont hate me" I whimperd. "hate you? why would I hate you, I love it when boys find my secret stash, but im afraid your going to have to pay" she said in a sexy tone.."ive got to pay? what do you mean?" I questioned.... "your my bitch now.." she carmly said... "Whatttt??" I asked..."i said, your my bitch now stand up" she called...I dont even remember what was going through my head, I had never been someones bitch! I didnt even know how you did that.. but stupidly I carried on. "umm...yes ok" I said as I stood up.. "thats Miss from now on. and take off your clothes, everything apart from your boxers" she orderd. "y-y-yes Miss" I said. I slowly took all my clothes off apart from my white and purple tight boxers, she slowly walked over running her finger down my chest.

The bulge in my pants now more apparent. she grabbed her pink chair from her desk and placed it facing the bed. "sit...NOW!" she orderd. I sat down and looked up at the beautiful girl. She then bent over going towards under the bed, I was /scared/">scared.. very scared. however the slight glimpse of her tiny lacey blue frenchie/thong was enough to keep me under control. she slid the second drawer that was under her bed open and I couldnt belive my eyes.. MORE, more sex toys, some clothes, whips, chains, handcuffs, lingerie. more vibrators (this time boxed) buttplugs and everything! she looked up and whisperd "this isnt everything.. trust me" she took out a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs and some rope and began to bind me to the chair. I was so turned on, she was dominating me! "Now" she said "im going to show you how to use one of this babys" ...oh my god, I thought. I was about to get a sexy show from a 18 year old hottie! she clibed on the bed and faced me. legs apart towel thrown on the floor. she sat there, in her matching lacey bra and thong. her breasts firm and big. She grabbed a pink rabbit vibrator out the drawer and begran to rub it against her pussy.

I became rock hard, it was hurting in my tight boxers. I could see her juices slowly darken her bright blue thong. she pulled it aside and showed me her perfect tight shaven pussy... but not for long, the next minute the vibrator was turned on and was pumping in and out of her hole. "They key is to first lube it all up, and then slowly work your way in, abit of a time. relazing and enjoying the full feeling" she moaned as she grabbed her breasts. "MMM!!! yes yes yes!!! ahh" she screamed as she orgasmed and placed the dripping wet vibrator on the bed and pulled her thong back so it was covering her pussy. "now.. are you going to submit and be my slave for the week or not" she asked.. all I wanted to do was break out of these handcuffs and fuck her brains out. of course I was going to say "yes"! ... she proceeded to untie me and stand me up straight.

I really thought I was going to get it. she pulled my boxers down and my firm /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick sprung up.. "oh so big!" she laughed. as I blushed she began to go through her other drawers in the room. what the heck was she getting? she then turned around with a big smile upon her face and a tiny little pink g-string in her hand that had a little butterfly at the back. "perfect" she said. "put them on" she orderd.. WHAT!?! I was not going to put on a tiny pink g-string, im a boy. I had never even though of doing that. I hesitated "umm..ermm.." .. "NOW!" she orderd.. "its either this or I bind you back to that chair and put you in a room on your own for a week. your choice slut" she shouted. It wasnt a risk I was willing to take, so after a few seconds I took the g-string and slowly slid it up my legs. I had a amazing warm sickly feeling in my stomach, was I turned on? I thought. I felt the tiny string tickle my thighs and I slid it up higher, and finnaly as it slid up my ass crack and the butterfly went into place above my crack. and the front area barely coverd my stiff dick that was now coverd in pre cum. "awww, what a /cute/">cute sissy slut. im glad your not a big build, you could really pass as a girly" she said in a relaxing tone. "ok sweetie, pick one" she said as she looked down at her first drawer filled with sex toys.

Oh yes! I thought, I was finnaly going to get to use one of these toys on her. I mean that is why she taught me to use them earlier? right? for her..i glanced down and looked around, and it wasnt long before one caught my eye, it was pink and white, very exspencive looking, slightly thicker at the top with the functions at the bottom.. very simple. I picked it up and felt it in my hands. Now this is where it got /crazy/">crazy! she looks back up at me and says "perfect, im sure you'll enjoy that one, now im going to get changed and go downstairs, I was you to relax and lie back on my bed and enjoy it. heres some lube sweetie.. oh and by the way.. ill know if youve used it or not, and trust me you.. you better" she said calmly..."w-w-w-what!?" I asked.. she wanted me to...use this... on myself?! I was so shocked. but I got no more answers. she just walked out locking the door on the way out.

I dont know what I was thinking.. but I thought this was the wwwxxx the only way to fuck her..i lay back on her soft pink bed. my heart was pounding.. like mad, I had never had this feeling before. but I knew I was going to do it...i lay further back looking down at my body, staring at the little pink thong strings raised above my hips. I held the vibrator in my right hand, I slowly slid it towards my cock. rubbing it gently against it. I then moved it slowly following the tiny pink string down my ass crack towards my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. I knew I was going to straight away shove it, but I wanted to see what it would be like holding it there..i pressed hard against my hole... what was I doing? I held the lube in my left hand, placed the vibrator on the bed and squirted a little on my index finger, it was clear and smelt of strawberries. I slid my hand carefully under my thong, being carefull not to loose the lube on the way down. my heart was racing, was I really about to do this? I slowly placed my lubed finger on my asshole. I rolled my finger around in a circle slowly putting the lube all over my tight asshole. Weirdly... it felt rarther nice. I brought my hand up, placed some more lube on. and did the same thing, but this time after a little bit of rolling, I slowly and gently slid my finger in my butt. a little at a time I rememberd katie saying.."mmm!! ahh" I moaned as I slid my finger further and further in.. I felt myself loosen up, so I slid another finger in.. I began moving them in and out.. I was fingering myself... like a girl. I couldnt belive it. "mmm ahh yes" I moaned.

I brought my hand up and grabbed the dildo, I pulled my g-string only slightly down with my left hand.. I wanted it..i acctualy wanted more. I pressed the vibrator against my hold. I could feeling it get looser and looser, I squirted some lube on the vibrator.. and suddenly I felt my ass relax and swallow the vibrator..! oh my god! I felt the tip of the vibrator in my ass. I was close...i pushed further and relaxed more. it hurt, but I didnt care. I wanted to see what it was like after I got that thick end.. all the way in. I pushed harder, and relaxed more, my legs spread just like katie had hers... " OH GOD!! YESS!!" I screamed! suddenly.....pop it went in, the thick end just went in! my ass felt relief as it only had to take the slightly thinner but still thick end of the vibrator.. oh god I felt so full.

It felt so good, and I wasnt in pain anymore.. I moved my hand to the base of the vibrator and turned the black dial. suddenly pulses of vibrations flew around my body, it felt amazing, my ass hole was vibrating and I could feel it. "yes! yes!" I moaned as I pushed the vibrator back and fourth! I sat up on my knees and began to ride the vibrator. suddenly I felt the vibrations and pleasure from my ass shoot up towards my dick! I was going to cum!! "yes! yes!" I screamed again.. "im going to cum" suddenly as I continued to ride it, a loud knock on the bedroom door followed by katie saying "hunney, see that cup behind you.. do it in that, I want it for later."

I turned quickly and grabbed the cup, placed it under my dick and continued to ride it. I was about to cum without even touching my dick.. and it was amazing! I began to squirt thick steamy gloopy cum again and again into the cup. it was incredible.. I collasped back as the dildo slid out my ass and I gripped the sheet. the door unlocked followed my katie walking in wearing a tiny little pink frilly mini skirt and a white blouse.. "enjoy that did you slave?" she asked.. "god yes" I whisperd.."trust my slut, that was only the begining..tommorow its going to get even crazzier" she laughed.. and she was right..

*** thank you guys, part 2 wont be long. sorry about my terrible grammar and spelling. im not the best, but I hope the story was good! stay tuned.