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10/3, Mark Bowden, "Hue 1968"

10/10, Bhu Srinivasan, "Americana"

10/11, Muhammed Yunus, "A World of Three Zeros"

10/19, Scott Shapiro, "THE INTERNATIONALISTS"

10/20, Jere Van Dyk, "The Trade"

10/25, Gabrielle Union, "We're Going to Need More Wine"

10/30, Walter Isaacson, "Leonardo DaVinci"


11/10, Jenna and Barbara Bush, "Sisters First"

11/16, Scott Kelly, "Endurance"

11/16, Vin Baker, "God and Starbucks"

11/27, Pete Souza, Obama: An Intimate Portrait


12/8, Dan Rather, "What Unites Us"


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